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Rotary Engineering Digital Printing Solutions

Consider us world class manufacturers for digital finishing equipment.

Our Digital Finishing Range uses the latest technologies, electronics and servo motors. With our modular designs equipment can be added as customers require e.g. semi Rotary Die Cutting, Foiling and  all print embellishments.

Rotamag Quantum Digital Finishing 340 Press

Outstanding Features:

  • ​​Machine operated via main console and touch screen. 

  • Speeds up to 50 meters per minute on semi rotary length pending 

  • Full Rotary Speeds upto 120 meters per minute.

  • Operator friendly

  • Easy to use.

The machine can have flexo units for coating or over printing into register up to 3 units with UV, IR or both at a later date.

Optional Extras

  • Laminating Unit 

  • Back Cutting Unit 

  • Hot or Cold Foil 

  • Corona Treater 

  • Delam Relam 

  • RFID Inserter

Technical Specifications: 

Unwind Module

Allows a maximum roll 700mm  diameter


Standard Web Guide 

It is a standard feature of the ROTAMAG and allow accurate alignment of the substrate 


Electronic Brake 
Gives perfect reel control tension throughout the press

Servo driven infeed nip roller. Delam/Relam

Servo outfeed nip roller tension changed on screen.


Printing Modules 

Total job changeovers can be completed in minutes without the need for special tools. The print unit is inclusive of ink fountain, metering roll, doctor blade and light anilox rollers. Quick change plate cylinder with 360 Degree registration adjustment


Semi rotary die cutting unit 25” circumference repeat cylinder to match your existing plates with waste stripping tower. Clutch control 76mm core air expanding shaft.


Vacuum waste funnel with extraction fan to suck and remove the waste blowing into a bag or bail.​

Slitting and Perforating Module

Easy to set and maintain and is supplied as a standard feature with on the run adjustment . Ideal for Slitting , perforating and creasing applications.​


Backing sheet unwind with nip and clutch controls.


Twin rewind for 76mm or other sizes if required. Optional – Servo driven.

Touch screen Control Panel 

The clearly identified controls enables easy operating of the ROTAMAG. There are also operator controls located at stations along the press which allows the operator to either run, jog or emergency stop.

Speed up to 50 MPM on semi rotary length pending.  Full Rotary speeds upto 120 MPM.

Rotamag Quantum Digital Finishing 340 Junior

Outstanding Features:

  • ​​Machine operated via main console and touch screen. 

  • High Quality and Solid Design

  • Affordable Price

  • Designed with Super Quick Make Ready and Change Over

  • Operator Friendly

  • High productivity

Technical Specifications: 

  • Web Width 340mm

  • Unwind Reel Diameter 600mm

  • Rewinder Diameter 600mm

  • Self wound on lamination with waste rewinder

  • Semi Rotary Die Cutting Station

  • Matrix  Waste Rewind

  •  Crush Cut Slitting Unit 4 knives supplied

  • Rewind Spindle 76mm

Re-Register System

Outstanding Features:

  • Can be fitted to almost any brand of FLEXO press even Slitter rewind a good option when going digital.

  • Speeds 40-50 meters per minute

  • Affordable option for reinsertion requirements.

Technical Specifications:

The Rotamag Insertion unit is your solution to re-insertion on your existing Printing Presses. It is perfect for re-inserting for die cutting, re-printing and to insert and position 2 webs. Using a line drive encoder and eye mark reader, it controls the positioning and matches to the line speed to control the inserted material in register. With a position accuracy of +.02/-.02 and maximum speeds of 40 -50 meters per minute this unit can be easily installed onto your printing press .

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