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Rotary Engineering Flexographic Printing Solutions

High Quality Servo Driven Cost Effective flexographic presses designed for film , board, labels and tags.

Our Flexographic machines are versatile servo driven that can also be used as a Digital Finishing Machines, Can Run Sheeted products, in mould products, fan folded material laminating with reinsertion as well as been able to produce your own adhesive stock integrated cards products

Rotamag Flexographic Printing  Presses

Outstanding Features:

  • ​​Fast Make Ready

  • Operator Friendly

  • Able to reinsert back into register.

  • Full Servo driven with optional auto register

  • Micro Impression Adjustment

  • Machine modular designs

Optional Extras:

  • Laminating Unit

  • Back Cutting

  • Hot or Cold Foil

  • Corona Teater

  • Delam/Relam

  • Rfid Inserter

  • Camera System

  • Chiller Unit

Technical Specifications: 

Web Guide 

It is a standard feature of the ROTAMAG and allows accurate alignment of the substrate.

Electronic Brake

Gives perfect reel control tension throughout the press.

Printing Modules

Total job changeovers can be completed in minutes without the need for special tools. The print unit is inclusive of ink fountain, metering roll, doctor blade and light anilox rollers. Quick Change plate cylinder with 360 degree registration adjustment. 

Infra Red Dryer 

The Infra Red (I.R) drying systems utilises infra red and controlled impact airflow ocer the substrate with the waste volume air extracted. 

Matrix Rewind

The Matrix Rewind on pneumatic expanding shaft is via clutch control and is able to rewind 4000 mtrs

Die Station Module

Each unit is supplied with a removable anvil to allow front and back die cutting, creasing, folding, cross perforating and sheeting for a comprehensive range of products to be produced. For example tags, labels stock, board , foils and films. Each unit is comprised of heavy duty all steel construction with hardened and polished anvil rollers, specially manufactured to manage the most difficult applications.

Variable size Punch Cartridge 

Can be easily removed and special punch and die cutting configurations can be manufactured if required. 

Cross Perforating Unit 

Variable cross perforating cylinders and /or extra die cut station are a standard feature on the ROTAMAG press.

Folding Unit (Optional) 

Variable size folds for continuous labels and tags is an optional extra which can be fitted at any time.

Rewind Module 

Allows a maximum roll of 600mm diameter . Air operated core holders are a standard feature and the open cantilever design enables easy access for fast roll changes. 

Main Console and Touch Screen. 

Machine operated with touch screen and main console with auto stop pre-set counter and all functions.

Turn Bar (Optional) 

Located inside lower cabinet using air bars to reduce drag and easy webbing.

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