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Rotary Engineering Specialises in designing both mechanical and electrical solutions. We have very experienced mechanical and electrical design teams with knowledge of servo drive systems and panel building.


We have highly skilled mechanical and electronic engineers onsite who deliver exemplary service electrically and mechanically to our customers. They have a deep understanding in planning and performing maintenance of electronics and mechanical equipment, problem analysis, customer support, system monitoring maintenance schedules, testing, quality control, equipment integration, project management and technical documentation. 

*24/7 Phone Support 

*Onsite-Technical Service 

*Remote diagnostic and online support 

*Breakdown support 

*Repairs and Servicing

*Onsite Maintenance.

Technical specialist

Remote Diagnostics and Online Support

We can remotely login to your machine for trouble shooting and problem analysis to keep your machine up and running.


System Integration

We can integrate modulus design units into existing machines with the right codes and programming as required. We offer PLC programming and Electrical Panel Building.


Press Repairs and Maintenance

No Equipment no matter how good is any value to your business unless it is running well. Maintenance is vital for a machine to perform well. We can offer preventative maintenance , Services and General Repairs. All our machines come with 12 months warranty.


Press Moves

We have service engineers with cxperience in plant and machinery relocation. 

* Electrically and Mechanically Disconnecting and Reconnecting 

*Arranging and Loading Transport and Offloading

*Levelling and Alignment 

*Assembly and Installation

machinery relocationJPG.JPG

CNC Machining , Welding and Fabrication

Our  workshop is fully equipped with CNC capabilities, CNC precision Milling, Turning, Fabrication and welding parts and providing services both specialised and design engineering.

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