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Rotary Engineering Consumables

We have a list of consumable items that can be purchased through us for spare parts for your printing needs

Anilox Rollers

With the wide range of machinery we manufacture we can supply Anilox Rollers which are a great tool for the printer to have. We can provide different LPIs to suit the application.

Doctor Blades

Doctor blade removes the excess ink from the smooth non-engraved portions of the anilox roll and the land areas of the cell walls and prevents ink spitting. We offer a range of thicknesses

Ink Seals

Ink seals manufactured with different FOAM grades suitable for all applications (solvent base, water base UV)

Punches/Dies/Perf Wheels/Slitter Blades

We supply standard punches and dies, special shaped punches and dies, crimplocks, Perforated Slitter and score wheels/blades/knives.

slitting wheel.JPG
Print Cylinders/Magnetic  Cylinders/Sheeter Cylinders

We can provide a variety of tooling  to support your printing requirements.

Print Cylinder.JPG
Flood Coat Sleeves/Tinting Mandrel

Flood Coat Sleeves come in a variety of sizes and durometers. We can provide these to suit your printing application


We provide UV lamps to suit your UV LED system model.

uv light.JPG
Air Shafts

Stainless Steel Air shafts for flexo printing for winding or unwinding.

Rubber Rollers

Stainless Steel Air shafts for flexo printing for winding or unwinding.

rubber roller.JPG
Other Equipment Parts

To keep your machine performing well we provide Service parts such as gears, 

Gear System
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